Syeef Karim (center) posing with student hackers from Bronx Science, at a hackathon I helped organize for LocalHackDay.

I am a very passionate hackathon hacker. In the 2014-15 season, I attended 18 MLH-sponsored hackathons, more than anybody else in the country. Through these hackathons, I've learned to work quickly, to iterate, and to pivot when necessary. Below are some of the hackathons that I've placed at, the majority of which are collegiate.
hackNY (04/02/16) – New York, NY – 1st Place Overall
hackNY is a well-known collegiate hackathon held at New York University. I worked with another Bronx Science student to create Accent, an app that eases the process of reading and studying the news in a foreign language.
McHacks (02/21/15) – Montreal, QC – 3rd Place Overall
McHacks was an 800-person collegiate hackathon at McGill University. I worked with two of my close friends to create Parrot, an app that makes it easier to read saved articles quickly.
Hack Upstate (10/03/14) – Syracuse, NY – 2nd Place Overall
At my second hackathon ever, I created Fetch, a script that runs on your web server, sending you exceptions as soon as they occur, through email, text message, and a variety of other mediums.
Hack Gen Y (01/24/15) – Redwood City, CA – 2nd Place Overall
At Hack Gen Y, I worked with three other high school students to create Transponder, an app that ensures your safety while traveling to unfamiliar areas. It uses push notifications and Touch ID to verify your identity, and sends text messages with your location to emergency contacts if you don't respond in time.
AngelHack (06/06/15) – Brooklyn, NY – Huge Innovation Prize
At AngelHack Brooklyn, I worked with two teammates to create Kangaroo, an app that simplifies the process of buying items in a supermarket by storing your current shopping cart's data on your phone.
HackRU (10/03/15) – New Brunswick, NJ – Best Solo Hack
A year after winning a prize at the previous HackRU, I worked alone to create Repetera, an app that scans your bank account for recurring payments and shows them to you effortlessly.
HackRU (10/11/14) – New Brunswick, NJ – Pebble API Prize
At my third hackathon, I worked alone and created Slidemaster, an app for the Pebble smartwatch. Although apps had been made to control Powerpoint and Keynote, this was the first app created to support Google Slides, which I personally use more often than the other two.