Element Animation

In late 2013, I began work on an entertainment app to complement Element Animation's hugely successful YouTube channel. The app was released in early 2014, has accumulated tens of thousands of downloads in over 100 countries since then. It has gone as far as placing among the top entertainment apps in the App Store, reaching as high as #17 in the U.S. entertainment category, and even higher in over 30 other countries.

The homepage, from which the user accesses other portions of the app.
The video menu, used to access and watch videos on Element Animation's YouTube channel.
The quiz, where the user answers questions based on content mostly from Element Animation and Minecraft. The user's score in this quiz is later uploaded to an online leaderboard.
After selecting one of six characters, the user is brought to the character soundboard, where the user can play sounds voiced by each character from the channel.
The character bios page, where the user can read short biographies about each of the characters from the channel.
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