I've been working at Beam for nearly two years now, and the majority of my time has been spent developing the iOS app. Beam is a brand-new livestreaming platform, where viewers can watch streams with extremely low latency and even interact with the stream directly, for those streams that support it.

The browse page, where the user can filter streams by the game being played and select a stream to watch.
The stream view, where users can chat with other viewers of the stream while watching the stream itself. The streaming component supports viewing on the Chromecast along with the selection of different streaming qualities.
The profile view, displaying information setup by streamers. Here you can see the channel's metrics, go to the channel's social media pages, and read the channel's description.
The search view, where logged in users can find the streamers who they follow along with seeing a suggested list of streamers before being able to search for the channel they are looking for.
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